Man Murders Stepfather with His Underwear

There were some strange things brewing in McLoud, Oklahoma around Christmas time.

Pottawatomie County Sheriff’s deputies arrested 33-year-old Brad Davis for murdering his stepfather — using the victim’s underwear!

The stepfather, Denver St. Clair, 58, died in his home just before Christmas; the video report above says 4 days, while other reports say it took place on December 22. Witnesses say the argument was about money, and Davis is claiming self defense, but why the initial fight started and how things escalated isn’t what’s grabbing national attention. What’s making people sit up and take notice is how it was done.

According to the Sheriff’s office, Davis allegedly gave St. Clair an “atomic wedgie” and this somehow killed the older man. Sheriffs believe the underwear waistband was used to strangle St. Clair.

Let’s take a moment and think about the mechanics of such a murder. Go ahead. Think on it… Think some more…

Yeah, we don’t get it either. Wedgies, while uncomfortable, don’t sound like the kind of thing that can suffocate a man. Maybe damage his family jewels if the briefs or boxers were pulled hard enough, but that’s about it. Perhaps while performing the wedgie the elastic ripped off and Davis pulled it up over his stepfather’s belly and arms to get it around the neck. Maybe it just came off in one clean strip and he wrapped the material around the man’s throat?

Who can say, but we’ll keep following this story, because it’s too strange to ignore. Check out the video report above.

IMAGE: News9