Man Fined for Pretending to Be a Ghost in Graveyard

If you’re going to pretend to be a ghost, at least trying cutting some eye holes in a bed sheet. Oh, and maybe don’t do it near people mourning their loved ones in a cemetery.

Anthony Stallard, 24 years old, was caught doing just that in Kingston Cemetery of Portsmouth, UK, reportedly flapping his arms up and making ghostly sounds. Specifically, he kept moaning “Wooooooohhhh!” within earshot of the mourners who must have thought the whole thing was just a riot.

If that wasn’t disrespectful enough, Stallard, who is unemployed, was seen playing soccer in the cemetery with a friend shortly before, the two of them going so far as kicking the ball at nearby headstones.

Stallard went to court for his disrespectful and not-so-terrifying behavior. The judge fined him a whopping 75 pounds and added three months to an already existing 12 month sentence of suspension for damaging graves. They couldn’t punish him for playing soccer near the graves, as certain witnesses didn’t attend the hearing.

Stallard admitted to the charge and said he understood why his behavior might distress grieving relatives.

“He has accepted that his behaviour, if it had been outside of a cemetery, would not have been inappropriate,” said his defending lawyer Denise Saunders. “But inside a cemetery, while people are grieving for their loved ones, it might be.”