Man Pretends to Be in a Coma For 2 Years to Avoid Going to Court

After stealing the equivalent of $64,000 from an elderly neighbor’s bank account, a UK man managed to avoid being prosecuted for two years by pretending to be a comatose quadriplegic.

According to the Daily Mail, Alan Knight used the stolen money to buy a car and pay for vacation, but when police started to investigate the crime, the 47-year-old made up a story about snapping his neck while opening a garage door.

He checked himself into a hospital when he was called to court in September of 2012 and again in July of 2013.

His wife even helped by posing in photos as Knight’s caretaker – pushing him around in a wheelchair while he was hooked up to oxygen.

But the façade all came to an end when police tracked his supermarket card and then caught him on video while he walked around a grocery store and drove his car. Doctors also reported seeing him eating, wiping his face and writing, according to Elite Daily.

Detective Constable Harry Paul said of the incident “In my entire career this is the most calculated, long-term deception of a vulnerable, elderly neighbor I have ever seen. He had constantly avoided court for two years, costing police, the NHS and the court system thousands of pounds.”

Knight has plead guilty to 19 counts of forgery, theft and fraud, and is due for a sentence next month.