PHOTOS: Man Takes 150 Secret Selfies Proposing to Girlfriend Without Her Knowing

Ray Smith wanted a new and exciting way to propose to pregnant girlfriend Claire Bramley. He deliberated on all the crazy ways he’d heard people had done it before, but nothing felt right.

He then made it a point to take a selfie a day, often with his girlfriend in the picture, for 150 days leading up to a proper proposal. In each of these 150 photos, he snuck in a post-it note that said, “Will you marry me?”

Obviously, we aren’t showing you all 150 of these photos, but we picked out the ones we found most amusing.

As for Claire, his bride-to-be, she was under the impression that Ray had become snap-happy while documenting her pregnancy. Luckily for Ray, she said yes (as you can see in the last photo above).

Cute. And the photos are just plain hilarious.

We can’t imagine a better way to document the days leading up to the moment someone pops the most important question in their life. Can you?