Man Reports Dismembered Wife He Killed and Put in Freezer is Still Alive 2 Days Later

A man called 911 for paramedics after he told police that he had shot, killed, and partially dismembered his wife two days before. He said he found his wife still alive when he went to check on her body in the freezer. He said he gave her water, and pleaded for medical help because he still loved her.

The bizarre claims from a murder suspect have left police still trying to piece together what happened to the woman. Authorities have been left with many unanswered questions after the man, Joseph Parker, 45, killed himself shortly after he called 911.

“I thought I had killed her, and I put her in the freezer out in the garage,” Parker said on the 911 tape. “Well, I checked on her tonight and she’s not dead.” He did not say what led to the shooting.

When police arrived at the home, Parker was nowhere to be found, but they did discover the body of Parker’s 44-year-old wife, Samantha Parker, partially dismembered—and very much dead— inside a freezer in the garage.

Russell Gupton, of the Robertson County Emergency Medical Services, said that there was “no possibility of her being alive at all.”

Investigators said that it would be incredibly difficult to determine cause of death because, while she had indeed been  shot in the head, it was difficult to know where she had been killed.

Springfield Police Detective Madison Burnettand Gupton described the couple’s home as immaculately clean.

“It was real estate clean,” said Gupton.

Parker had told emergency dispatchers that he shot his wife in the head with a handgun on their 12th wedding anniversary.