Man Dressed as Armored Car Driver Steals 75K from Walmart

A man dressed as an armored car driver stole more than $75,000 from a Bristow, Oklahoma Walmart over the weekend.

“He came to the Walmart kind of dressed like a Loomis armored car driver,” said Bristow Police Chief Wayne Williams. The suspect entered the store Saturday morning, walked into the cash office, signed for the deposit and exited the store. Walmart employees only realized something illegal has taken place when the real Loomis employee arrived 45 minutes later.

The man’s image was captured by a video surveillance camera, and he allegedly drove away in a dark four-door Chevrolet.

Below is additional reporting from our  partners at Reuters.

Man Posing as Security Guard Steals $75,000 from Oklahoma Wal-Mart

(Reuters) A man dressed as a security guard walked out of an Oklahoma Wal-Mart with $75,000 in cash, a crime that went undetected until the real security guards showed up later to transport the money, police said on Monday.

The suspect walked into the Wal-Mart on Saturday in Bristow, southwest of Tulsa, dressed in clothes similar to those of a Loomis armored truck employee. He went to the cash office, signed a deposit slip and walked away with the money, Bristow Police said.

Police were called when the real Loomis personnel arrived less than an hour later with no cash to transport.

Oklahoma authorities and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are searching for the suspect, which video surveillance showed getting into a black Chevrolet Malibu and driving off from the store with the money.

(Man Robs Walmart Dressed as an Armored Car Employee: Reporting by Heide Brandes; Writing by Jon Herskovitz; Editing