Man Sells Pop Tart as Cocaine to Undercover Cop

Under the right circumstances, it’s illegal to resell a pop tart, it turns out. But these are pretty rare circumstances.

Cameron Mitchell, 30, of Rocky Mount, NC, was arrested after trying to pass off a crumbled up pop tart as cocaine. Mitchell allegedly sold the pop tart dust to an undercover cop, claiming it was crack cocaine.

The incident occurred on June 19, as part of an anti-drug operation called Operation Southern Summer.

Mitchell was making a delivery to a convenience store in the town of Halifax was he was stopped by the undercover officer, who asked about cocaine. Mitchell allegedly agreed to sell him some and went into the cabin of his delivery truck and came back with a baggie of what he claimed was crack cocaine. The officer bought it for $20.

Agents field tested the pop tart crumbs, and discovered no traces of cocaine. They tracked down Mitchell’s delivery truck at a convenience store down the highway to confront him.

He admitted that he needed the money, so he went to his truck and found the corner of an old Pop Tart and improvised — crumbling the old breakfast pastry into a dust fine enough to look like cocaine.

He now faces charges of selling or delivering a counterfeit controlled substance and creating a counterfeit controlled substance.

Source: WCTI 12