Burglar Breaks Into Vietnam Vet’s House, Smokes His Dead Wife’s Ashes

The sheriff’s office in Mobile County, Alabama is seeking help in finding the criminal who broke into a Vietnam War veteran’s house and allegedly smoked the ashes of his deceased wife.

Phillip McMullen, resident of Citronelle, says he was out of town and staying with some friends when a burglar accessed his house and did the unthinkable.

“(The burglar) ransacked my house, tried to break in my gun safe, which, they weren’t able to, they even took my wife’s ashes off my headboard, strewed them around, looked like they tried to smoke some of them,” McMullen told FOX10 News. “I guess they figured out this stuff ain’t worth smoking, so they threw it up underneath one of my toolboxes.”

He thinks the burglar may have mistaken the ashes for drugs since they were kept in a plastic box, rather than a traditional urn.

He said the burglar probably “tried it out to see if it was some kind of drugs” adding, “I bet that was a nasty taste when (he did) that though.”

McMullen was married to his wife for 22 years and now is without the ashes he kept to remember and honor her with.

The thief left with around 15 other items from the house, including a generator, chainsaw, knife and fishing rods and reels.

McMullen, who was understandably distraught and furious about the incident told reporters “It’s hard to put in words, it makes me want to fight again, and I don’t like to fight. I don’t know if God will forgive them for what they’ve done or not.”

If you have any tips or know anything about this crime, which may lead to finding the burglar, police urge you to call the Mobile County sheriff’s office.