Man Stabs Brother in Fight Over TV Remote — Things Only Get Weirder from There

It’s aggravating when you want to watch your favorite show and your companion wants to watch another, but would you stab a sibling to get your way?

Kieran Hallett Devine, 25 stabbed his older brother, 28, in an argument over the remote control while watching late night television just after midnight Monday. San Diego police will not release the victim’s name.

What started as a typical scuffle escalated into a serious situation when the older brother hit his sibling in the head with a cane. In retaliation, the younger brother stabbed him in the chest with a knife.

The two men were on the patio when their mother called 911. Both brothers live with their parents.

The older brother was hospitalized with a life-threatening knife wound. The younger brother was arrested on charges of attempted murder. His arraignment is scheduled for Thursday.

Watch the video to see how it all happened!