Man Stabs Neighbors Because of Dog Poop

A neighborly argument over a pet dog’s excrement ended painfully, but not tragically, for two residents who were a bit too cavalier about their pit bull’s poop.

33-year-old Michael Valentin of Springfield, Mass. was arrested on two counts of armed assault with the intent to murder for the alleged stabbing of his 46-year-old neighbor and her 23-year-old daughter in the face, neck, and back.

Valentin, who lives on the first floor of a multi-family home, called police about an hour before the stabbing to resolve a dispute over the home’s second-floor residents repeatedly leaving their pit bull’s feces on the stairs and the side lawn.

Police said the incident was resolved when they left, but the later stabbing might indicate otherwise. The mother, who was stabbed several times, was rushed to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. She is currently in critical to stable condition. Her daughter, who sustained wounds to the face and neck, is in good condition.

Valentin is schedule to appear in court for the incident next Monday.