Man Still Loves Fiancee After Her Sordid Plot to Have Him Murdered

A Wisconsin man is demonstrating the true meaning of unconditional love—to a pretty crazy extent.

John Schellpfeffer, 50, was nearly a victim of murder on the orders of his own fiancée, but he told ABC News that he still loves and cares about her. The details are sordid and shocking.

His fiancée, 33-year-old Jessica Strom, was sentenced to three and a half years in prison after she was caught in her murder-for-hire plot. In February Strom met someone whom she thought she’d hire to kill Schellpfeffer. The man was actually a police informant who taped the encounter that lead to Strom’s arrest.

Strom offered a 24-year-old former classmate $1,000 and sex in exchange for Schellpfeffer’s murder. She told him to “blow his brains out” with a gun, use a potato as a silencer, and mapped out a schematic of Schellpfeffer’s office—where she wanted the hitman to meet her fiancé under the pretense of a business appointment.

Although he has heard the recordings for himself, Schellpfeffer said he didn’t think Strom would let the hitman carry out the plot, and that Strom had mental illnesses causing her to turn to murderous plans.

Schellpfeffer and Strom had been together for six years, after they met at a local bar where Strom was waiting tables. Both were divorced and looking for new love. Schellpfeffer said the pair clicked, however Strom alluded to bad times and abusive behavior from her fiancé, telling ABC that he was jealous and controlling.

Strom has filed several restraining orders against him over the years, but Schellpfeffer maintains that she was the one physically abusive to him when the relationship turned toxic.

Strom told police that she was joking, when she made plans for murder.

“I said it in a joking sense, as I kid around about lots of things. He knew what I mean,” she said. And although the chances are not likely of her and Schellpfeffer continuing their relationship, she said she still loves him too.