Man Sues Park for the Most Ridiculous Reasons

A park is usually a nice place for some solace and quiet, away from the fast-paced world. For Sean Mace, one park was a place of pain and panic.

While napping under a bunya pine tree at San Francisco’s Maritime National Historical Park, Mace’s skull was crushed by a 16-pound pine cone. His lawyer Scott Johnson says he is currently suffering from “irreversible brain injury [although] he’s only in his mid-50’s.”

Since the incidence, Mace has undergone two surgeries and will need a third one. He now has permanent brain damage, short-term memory loss and cognitive issues.

The pine cones from these specific trees could have seeds pods that weigh up to 40-pounds. Mace compared the impact of the pine cone to that of a bowling ball falling at high speeds.

Johnson told the Chronicle, “[Mace] is afrad to go outside at this point because he’s afraid something is going to hit him in the head. He…will likely need lifetime care.”

Mace is asking for $5 million in damages from the park as there were no warning signs at the site of his accident.

Do you think he will win this case?