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Man Sues Wife—and Wins!—For Birthing Ugly Baby

So, here’s the scenario: Attractive man from northern China meets an attractive woman and they marry. All is well until attractive woman gives birth to a baby girl her husband finds so repulsive to look at that he’s convinced his wife’s genes are responsible for the ugly baby. So, he files for divorce on the grounds of “false pretenses” and wins a six-figure fine from her, the result of his lawsuit.

Sounds like an old wives tale, right? Unfortunately, it’s the true story behind the saga lives of Jian Feng and his now ex-wife who remains unnamed.

After their baby girl was born, Feng demanded a DNA test to prove his wife had cheated on him with another man and the baby wasn’t his. But, when the test results came back and proved Feng was in fact the biological father, he made the choice every father makes—to apologize and accept his daughter as is.

Oh, wait. That’s not what he did. He decided to sue his wife to prove his ugly child was all her fault genetically. You would think any judge would have laughed this case right out of court, but again, not what happened.

Feng’s wife admitted that before she met her husband-to-be she had $100,000 worth of cosmetic surgery performed in South Korea. This backed up Feng’s claim of “false pretenses” that by not revealing her plastic surgery to him before the marriage, she tricked him. The judge sided with Feng and ordered the wife to pay him $120,000.

With all this craziness it’s easy to forget about the most innocent victim in the case, the baby girl who did not ask to be brought into the world, and has no control over what she looks like. Hopefully, she can be raised by a mother thankful that she got to see the “ugliness” behind her husband’s handsome exterior and now has the opportunity to find someone else to love them both for inner beauty.


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