Man Takes off Clothes at Gas Station, Gets Banned for Life

In a classic scenario, a couple of young bucks decided to pull a stunt and got into trouble for what they thought was harmless humor.

A Facebook page called Petrol Pump Stances encourages motorists to share pictures of themselves posing in creative and funny ways while at gas stations. A 20-year-old England resident Liam Marsh accepted the challenge and thought of a pose he figured no one had pulled as of yet.

“You have to take photographs of you filling up your car with fuel in weird positions. No one had done it naked before so I thought I would do that,” he explained.

Marsh and his friends picked a gas station and staged the photograph at 1AM, when the station’s super-mart was closed and no one was around.

“The store was shut. It was one in the morning. No one was in the car park apart from some of my friends to make it look more realistic” Marsh said.

He stripped off and posed for a picture as he pumped diesel into his Ford at the Asda forecourt, making sure none of the Asda slogans were visible in the picture.

Regardless of the care he took to make the joke as inoffensive and discreet as possible, the station’s staff didn’t appreciate the humor when they caught the scene on tape.

Instead, the workers called the police and reported Marsh for indecent exposure. Then they banned him from the station for life, according to SNSW news.

“I thought they would take the humour from it. There’s no Asda logo in the picture” Marsh said of the incident. “I think they’ve taken it too far. I don’t see why the punishment is so harsh for something they could laugh about. It doesn’t offend anyone or hurt anyone.”

As for Asda’s side of things, the station retorted “We appreciate someone with a good sense of humour, but petrol stations can be a dangerous place and this was just a joke too far.”

It’s a bummer that Marsh has to find a new gas station, but at least he has bragging rights for pulling the coolest “Petrol Pump Stance” on the Facebook page.

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