Man Threatens to Kill Neighbor’s Cat with Horrifying Sign

There are plenty of ways to get your neighbor’s annoying pet off your yard. Threatening to kill it is not one of them.

However, that’s exactly the measure one Tennessee man took when he’d had just about enough of a neighborhood cat that he claimed would frequently run around his yard early in the morning, riling up his dog and causing it to bark and scratch at the blind.

One morning when he hadn’t had his cup of coffee, he acted in the heat of the moment and painted up a huge sign that read “If you have a cat, keep it in your yard or I will kill it” and placed it on his yard. He later took the sign down and told reporters he would never hurt an animal, but the moment had already caught the attention of the town mayor and animal protective services.

The man, identified only as Kevin, received threats of his own from cat lovers in the area but says the sign did its job in identifying the owner and hopes the whole thing will help prevent issues in the future.

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