Man Gets Trapped in Industrial Freezer, Survives by Licking Ice for 4 Days

A shocking news story originating out of Vietnam has us shivering in our temperature-controlled cubicles!

A 23-year-old fish factory worker found himself trapped inside an industrial freezer for more than four days – an ordeal he survived by licking the ice and drinking disgusting liquids out of the fish bags that surrounded him.

Mai Thanh Sang was cleaning the storeroom in a -8 degree Fahrenheit walk-in freezer along with three colleagues when the shelving units collapsed and buried them under bags of fish fillets. The other workers were able to escape unharmed, but it took a team of rescue workers 103 hours to search for and find him.

Sang talked about the desperate situation following his rescue: “I was crushed by ice. I was trying to scream but it did not make sense. I felt terribly hungry and knew I was getting frostbite” he told reporters.

“At first, I thought I would die but I quickly regained hope. My motivation to stay alive came from thoughts of my wife and my baby. I held on by licking the ice. But I was becoming more and more exhausted.”

He was taken to the Cho Ray Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, where he told doctors he had also consumed the vomit-inducing liquid out of fish bags in an attempt to stay alive.

According to, doctors said the 23-year-old’s frostbite was the worst type they had ever witnessed and if it weren’t for the four coats and protective hat he was wearing, he would likely have perished.