Man Tries to Extinguish Garbage Fire Using a Van Loaded with Ammunition

This “Idiot of the Week” story actually happened last week, but when a man tries to extinguish a fire in a “WTF?” kind of way, we think it’s worth reporting.

A man in Missouri had been burning garbage in field when the blaze suddenly blew out of control. Not wanting the fire to burn out of control he attempted to put it out — by driving his van back and forth over the flames in homes of smothering them.

Things quickly went from bad to insanely crazy. First the van’s tires caught fire. Then, the driver realized something he should have thought about before playing hero: His van was loaded with firearms ammunition and a full tank of gas!

Needless to say, the driver evacuated the area just as the van became engulfed in flames and the ammunition started firing off.

“Well, you can see how that turned out,” the Clay County Sheriff’s Office wrote on their Facebook page next to some photos of the burning van. “Ammunition in that burning car began discharging so (the responding officer) and responding firefighters kept their distance until it was safe to extinguish it.”

Sadly, the fire department and sheriff’s office did not name or cite the van’s owner, so we can’t tell you who he was; you know, in case you were near the city of Liberty and wanted to say hello.

The Kansas City Star did report that the owner did not want to file a police report for insurance purposes.  “It seems like he’s just going to have to take a loss on that vehicle because I don’t think they’re going to cover it,” said  Jon Bazzano, a spokesman for the Clay County Sheriff’s Office.