Man Tries to Kidnap Girl with Black Belt, Gets Beaten Down

Here’s a bit of advice to concerned parents out there: Get your kids into a self defense class. It not only teaches them discipline, honor, and other great life lessons, it could also help them from would-be abductors.

That’s the sentiment running around with the video above, which shows raw security footage of a man trying to kidnap a young girl in an elevator. The disguised figure comes in, there are some tense moments as the girl looks over her shoulder at him, and then as the door opens and she’s about to leave he makes his move.

But that’s when all hell breaks loose. The little girl fights back — and she doesn’t just hit him a couple times and run away, she knocks him down and keeps going at him until the doors open and he flees the scene with the little girl in hot pursuit.

This raises the big question: Is this video real or fake?

There’s been debate on both sides of the story. You never see their faces, and news reports never uncovered who this girl was. We think the “man tries to kidnap girl in elevator” video appeared sometime in 2013, but is making the rounds again this week for some reason. As for the debate, MadWorldNews says:

“Some people think the video is staged and the man in the video may be an instructor or her dad. Some people think it is authentic and that the little girl gives the would be attacker the one thing he didn’t expect in a pint sized Ms. Bruce Lee. Either way, it is funny enough to give everyone a morning chuckle and keep them smiling the rest of the day.”

But as the site also points out, child abduction is a very real and frightening thing. Parents Magazine says that once every 40 seconds a child goes missing in America, and there were approximately 840,000 people abducted in 2001. Of the people abducted, 24 percent were abducted by absolute strangers, and the majority of that 24 percent also happen to be little girls. So with those sobering figures, it’s good to to have your child prepared