Man Gets His Leg Amputated, Turns It into a Floor Lamp

This has got to be one of the most unique amputee stories we’ve come across in a while.

After Leo Bonten broke his leg and developed a serious infection, doctors told him he would have to get his leg partially amputated. But instead of going through with the procedure and parting ways with his limb forever, the Dutch man decided instead to make a lamp out of it and keep it as memorabilia.

Bonten was having a hard time saying goodbye to the leg, and according to The Mirror, felt it was his right to do what he wanted with it. So after winning legal battles over ownership of the amputated leg, he partnered up with pathologist Frank van de Goot and lamp maker Willem Schaperkotter to preserve it and turn it into a light fixture.

Once the piece was made, however, Bonten put it up to sell on eBay. Although he initially wanted to keep it, he ran into some financial trouble and was hoping to sell it for 100,000 Euros, or about $127,500.

eBay pulled the listing down, however, nothing that it violates the rule against selling body parts. Bonten is now looking for a different market to sell the creation through and hopes to purchase a bionic leg with the profits.