WATCH: Man Videos Woman High on Drugs Swerving All Over the Highway

This video captures an anonymous man who we find out has a sister whose leg was amputated after a really bad car accident. Witnessing someone driving all over the road, into the median and out onto the grass, must’ve really triggered so much pain in remembering what happened to a close family member due to negligent driving.

You can see the woman behind the wheel is out of her mind because the man in the video captures every minute of the crazy driving. It wasn’t confirmed until after the police arrived that the woman was high on meth and heroin but when the driver of the truck stops the woman from driving off again, all you need to do is listen to her apologize about 100 hundred times to see that she was high.

In a sense, the man is a hero because if he hadn’t pulled up beside the woman and commanded her to stop, who knows what kind of accident may have ensued. Unfortunately, he turned off his phone before the police arrived so we don’t get a chance to see the arrest, but we’re sure it wasn’t pretty.

Yes, folks, this is yet another reason why you shouldn’t do drugs. You should especially never touch drugs before getting behind the wheel.

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