Man Wears 70 Clothing Items to Avoid Baggage Fees

This is one way of avoiding costly baggage fees.

An unidentified passenger travelling from China’s Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport to Nairobi, Kenya pulled an odd trick when he found out his luggage exceeded the flight’s weight limit and was subject to pay an additional fee. According to Digital Spy, the passenger took out and put on more than 60 shirts and nine pairs of jeans to bypass the extra baggage costs.

Before boarding the flight, he was stopped by a metal detector and had to go through a full body search, during which security personnel found batteries, thumb drives and device chargers stuffed in numerous batteries.

Wacky as it sounds, we kinda get this guy. With extra baggage fees currently as high as $100 for checked bags on certain flights, stories like this might become the norm soon. Plus, you have to admire the guts and creativity factor here.

Of course, we have to ask the obvious: Would you rather pay the additional fee for excessive luggage, or play the system and do what this guy did? Sound off below.