Man Who Lost Wife to Cancer Plants 400 Acres of Sunflowers to Honor Her

For centuries, sunflowers have captured the imagination of writers and artists alike. They have long been a symbol of loyalty, courage and adoration.

Sunflowers are one of the most joyous plants in the world. Their bright yellow hues are emblems of happiness and joy, capable of lifting the human spirit in times of darkness.

Sunflowers were Babbette Jaquish’s favorite flower. In the Eau Claire, Wisconsin, town where she lived, she was known as the “Sunflower Lady.”

So it comes as no surprise that when she passed away last November after battling cancer, her husband, Don, decided to honor her life in the greatest way possible. He planted 400 acres of sunflowers and created Babbette’s Seeds of Hope.


While his wife was alive, she dreamed of selling sunflower seeds to raise money for cancer research. Now, he is carrying out that vision.

Don told ABC News:

She realized the importance of research in clinical trials. She went from being expected live two weeks to two months to nine years. Her attitude was everyday I can stay alive I’m one day closer to a cure. Unfortunately her health just kept declining over the years, and it got to be too much to start and operate a business when she was so sick.

A few months after her death, Don discovered a hidden letter that she left behind for him. It read: “You move on and live each day. Feel me in the morning air, and when you wake up and make your coffee. I will be there always.”

Below is drone footage taken over the beautiful sunflower field.