Man Wins Dream Vacation, Shows Us the Miserable Time He Has Without His Wife and Newborn

Kevin Blandford was over the moon with excitement when he won a dream five-day vacation to Puerto Rico last month. His joy soon turned to misery when he realized he couldn’t take his wife and newborn daughter with him on the trip of a lifetime. So to cope, he used his vacation to document just how sad he was without family by his side—and the hilariously miserable photos have gone viral!

According to The Huffington Post, Blandford won the free trip for his outstanding work performance as a quality assurance engineer—he apparently works for a large telecommunications company.

While he would have been allowed to bring his wife, their seven-month-old daughter would have had to stay home. His wife didn’t want to leave the baby, but encouraged Blandford to take the trip with his friend Alec instead.

At the airport, Alec snapped a photo of Blandford—and was entertained by how miserable Blandford looked without his family.

The pair were inspired to do a photo series over the course of the entire trip, documenting his lonely sadness in contrast to the happy bustle of the Puerto Rican resort paradise.

They uploaded the pictures to Imgur as a series called “Not a single second of fun in Puerto Rico,” where it has since gone viral.

“I’m just really happy that a lot of people found it funny,” Blandford told The Huffington Post.

Apparently, thanks to his viral fame, a Puerto Rican tourism agency has reached out to offer him another free trip back—this time to share with his family.

Check out his hilariously miserable pictures in the slideshow above.