UPDATE: Man with 100-Pound Scrotum Gets It Removed, Can Finally Sleep with Wife

We’ve covered the veritable saga of Dan Maurer before. He’s made headlines for his enlarged 100-pound scrotum, but now that unfortunate burden is gone.

Now, a month after having a successful surgery to remove the growth, Maurer is doing well as he rehabilitates and looks forward to having sex with his wife for the first time in seven years.

His condition, known as scrotal lymphedema, caused his testicular sack to swell to enormous proportions. His doctor advised him to try losing weight to combat the problem, but that didn’t work.

Empowered by the story of Wesley Warren Jr., who once had a similar affliction, Maurer ran a fundraiser to save up enough money to pay for his operation. After succeeding in raising the money and going through a 14-hour surgery, he emerged from the operating room 150 pounds lighter.

He’s still struggling to walk after so much time spent confined to a chair, but he’s hopeful for his future.

“It’s going to be a learning curve,” he said¬†post-surgery. “And if you don’t have a good heart going into it, you’re never going to achieve anything.”

With his recovery progressing slowly but surely, we can safely bookend this tale of perseverance through times of great scrotal hardship. So ends the saga of Dan Maurer, the man with the 100-pound scrotum.