Mandela Memorial Sign Language Fake – What the Interpreter Was Actually Saying in Memes

According to NBC reports, hundreds of deaf men and women took to social media to express their frustration over the sign language interpreter hired for Mandela’s memorial. Why? Because it turned out the the interpreter wasn’t actually signing anything. In fact, he doesn’t really know sign language. Within a short time the man and / or the event was subbed “The Nelson Mandela Sign Language Fake.”

“We are shocked by the quality of sign language interpretation at the Nelson Mandela memorial,” said Paul Breckell, chief executive of the U.K.-based charity Action on Hearing Loss. “If it could be called interpretation at all.”

Clearly this was offensive to many people from around the world — and plenty has been said and written about the incident. So we thought we’d take a slightly different tone — not to make light of the situation, but to point out just how ridiculous and unbelievable it all was. So, with that in mind, we developed the official translation of the interpreter’s hand signs. No, we don’t actually know sign language either, which is why we think we’re the perfect people to do this very important past. We hope you’ll enjoy.

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