What This WWE Wrestler Says About His Mother Brings an Entire Room of Kids to Tears (VIDEO)

Former professional wrestler Marc Mero used to go by the moniker Johnny B. Badd. Today, he walks to a completely different tune.

Despite having been incredibly successful in the sports and entertainment industry, Mero traded in his performances in the ring for a podium and a message of positivity and hope.

In 2007, he founded Champion of Choices, a Florida-based nonprofit organization which he works to share stories of his personal triumphs and tragedies. Mero has dedicated his life to sharing this message worldwide in an effort to inspire society to make mindful choices. He frequently mentions the poor decisions of his friends in the business — many whom lost their lives to drug abuse and suicide — as the incentive for forming Champion of Choices.

In the video above, Mero can be seen telling his story to an entire auditorium of middle school kids.

He even talks about his mother and how she was his rock, how she was the only person who ever truly believed in him. The former wrestler attributes all of his fame and success to her. So, when he received news that she had died, his entire world fell apart.

Mero finally realized that he could never get back all those years he wasted getting drunk and high with his loser friends instead of valuing family.

Needless to say, he brought just about ever single kid in that room to tears. Some of them were literally bawling their eyes out.

If you have parents, make sure you let them know how much you love them before it’s too late.