Mardi Gras Fashion – 10 Pieces To Rock for Fat Tuesday

Mardi Gras is perhaps one of the most festive and fun holidays of the year. There’s the music, the food, the drinking and dancing that makes the whole season one big party.

It’s considered the last hurrah, before a period of fasting and moderation for those observing the Catholic season of Lent. For those who don’t have any religious ties to the holiday, it’s just considered a fun time. Either way, people tend to go all out during Carnival season, which usually lasts a couple of weeks and culminates on Fat Tuesday.

One of the trademarks of this celebratory time is dressing up in bright, loud and attention-grabbing outfits for all the revelry and parades that take place during this time. Green, gold and purple — the three colors most associated with the season — are out in full force, as are pieces adorned with beads and feathers and covered in glitter and shimmer. In short, this is a time to be noticed.

But, is there a right and a wrong way to go about it? With all sensory explosion that comes with this holiday, it’s particularly easy for those dressing up to go overboard. And while that’s perfectly fine for some, others may want to look fabulous, without going into the tacky territory. If you’re part of the latter group, this fashion guide is the one for you. It features all the shimmer and shine, all the signature colors and all the attention-grabbing pieces you want, without the sleaze-factor.

You can either pair a couple of the pieces above or just pick one to add to your outfit and you’ll be all ready to rock Fat Tuesday and all the fun leading up to it in style. Get inspired by our Mardi Gras fashion picks in the slideshow above.