Margaret Thatcher Refused to Jump

As reported yesterday by the AP, Former Prime Minister died yesterday at 87 after suffering a stroke.

Mrs. Thatcher is celebrated for her ability to break class and gender barriers to win election in 1979 as Britain’s first female prime minister. She is also known for her “iron” will and deep sense of self-respect.

In one of her most remembered interviews, Mrs. Thatcher was asked by famed Swedish journalist Stina Lundberg Dabrowski to do the “Stina Jump.” This is Dabrowski’s request of all she interviews. Her purpose, to reveal the humanity of the world’s most powerful individuals, while inspiring them to have a little fun.

Mrs. Thatcher adamantly refused Dabrowski’s request:  “I made great leaps forward, not little jumps in studios.”

Throughout her career, Dabrowski has inspired the Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela,  Hillary Clinton, and even Muammar al-Gaddafi to jump.