This Bulgarian Woman Trying to Sing Mariah Carey Is the Most Amazingly Horrible Thing Ever

Did you know that American Idol is back on the air? Neither did we. But what did get into our Facebook feeds this week was a video from 2008 from the Bulgarian TV show Music Idol. It’s the exact same show as American Idol, only done in Bulgaria, and the woman in the following audition is so wonderfully bad that we can’t even wrap our heads around it.

Her name is Valentina Hasan, and she’s auditioning to be on the show. The song she chose? “Ken Lee” by Mariah Carey.

Never heard of that song? Neither had the judges on Music Idol. It turns out, Valentina is actually trying to sing “Without You,” but she doesn’t quite understand English that well, so she’s singing a lot of it phonetically — but she’s doing it with 100% confidence that she knows the words, is correct in her singing, and she’s performing it as well as Mariah herself.

The “Mariah Carey Ken Lee Video” went viral, and actually made Valentina into a minor celebrity in Bulgaria, which proves that no press is bad press. Or, that Bulgaria is desperate for entertainment. Or both. Who can say?

Whoever, Ken Lee (or Ken Li / Ken Lii) is, he’s one lucky guy to have a woman this passionate about him.

And how did Mariah herself react to the Mariah Carey Ken Lee Video? She was actually asked on this foreign interview show. Check out her gracious response.