WATCH: This Mom Knitted a Clone of Her Son So She Could Cuddle with ‘Him’

One mom’s difficulty in letting her little boy grow up has become an epic story that creeps some folks out.

When Marieke Voorsluijs‘s younger son started maturing, he began to refuse to cuddle with his mommy anymore. Mom came up with an odd solution: She decided to knit a life-size replica of him. She says she cuddles now with the doll instead.

“My son is reaching puberty. We used to cuddle all the time, but those days are becoming scarce,” she explained in an article for Bored Panda. “Now he’d rather hang with friends, play with his phone and listen to his iPod.”


Voorsluijs, a textiles designer from The Netherlands, says the life-size doll took about two months to knit and that both of her sons think the project is great. The boys are happy to have their space and mom is still indulging in her ‘smother mother’ tendencies.

Marieke, who is well known for knitting replicas of everyday objects (she also does hams), says she and her (real-life) sons had a great time helping on the woolly doppelganger.

Just so you know, the doll-son likes junk food and picks his nose.

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