Canada Legalizing Marijuana From July 2018

It could be legal to buy marijuana in Canada as early as next Summer.

Justin Trudeau’s liberal government will reportedly announce legislation early next month that will legalize the recreational use of marijuana nationwide by July 1st 2018, CBC News claimed on Sunday night.

An age limit of 18 to purchase any pot will be set nationally, but provinces will be able to increase this if they want to.

The report stated that the government will take responsibility for making sure the marijuana is safe and secure, Ottawa will license producers.

Anyone looking to grow it at home will be limited to four plants.

Justin Trudeau Canadian Prime Minister
Trudeau included the policy in his 2015 campaign

The pledge to make marijuana legal was one of Trudeau’s most controversial policies during the last election and they had promised to roll out legislation by Spring 2017.

Last month Trudeau said the legislation would “protect” Canadian youngsters: “Right now we know that young people have easier access to marijuana than just about any other illicit substance. It’s easier to buy a joint for a teenager than it is to buy a bottle of beer. That’s not right.

Trudeau said legalization would ‘protect’ young people

“Secondly, we know that criminal organizations and street gangs are making billions of dollars off of the sale of marijuana. We feel that regulating it, controlling it will bring that revenue out of the pockets of criminals and put it into a system where we can both monitor, tax it and ensure that we are supporting people who are facing challenges related or unrelated to drug use.”

The heart-throb Prime Minister has previously admitted smoking pot, but insisted it was just a puff now and again.

According to a 2013 Huffington Post article, he said: “It has never really done anything for me.

“Sometimes, I guess, I have gotten a buzz, but other times no. I’m not really crazy about it.

“When the joint went around the room, I usually passed it around to the next person. (But) sometimes throughout my life, I’ve had a pull on it.”

Life in Canada is looking better by the day.