Guy Challenges Marine to a Fight, Quickly Finds Out Why It’s a Horrible Idea

WARNING: This video contains extreme violence and may not be suitable for everyone. 

We’re all for aiming high and reaching for things that seem beyond your reach. That is unless of course, you’re a scrawny dude with too much ego and are trying to challenge someone to physical fight who is obviously way tougher than you. If that’s the case, just play it safe.

The video above shows what looks like a high school student get his behind handed to him from someone outfitted in a Marine uniform. It’s important to note the uniformed man may not in fact be a real Marine because 1) it’s not real Marines them to beat up on kids and 2) the training doesn’t seem to be in line with that of a true Marine. These points have caused people to question the reference as the video has picked up steam online and many are suggesting he may just be a JROTC kid.

Whether he is a real Marine or not however, we’re pretty sure the guy who challenged him to a fight immediately regretted the decision.

Check out the video above.