Mark Wahlberg Confirmed to Star in Tranformers 4

Director Michael Bay is one happy man. According to Entertainment Tonight, Mark Wahlberg has signed on to star in his next Transformers movie.

The two became friendly after working together on Pain and Gain. Bay directed this drama in which three personal trainers (played by Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson, and Anthony Mackie) get involved in criminal activity in the 1990s in Miami, Florida while chasing the American Dream.

“Mark is awesome,” Bay gushes. “We had a blast working on Pain and Gain, and I’m so fired up to be back working with him. An actor of his caliber is the perfect guy to re-invigorate the franchise and carry on the Transformers legacy.”

Transformers 3 brought the franchise’s total earnings to more than $2.6 billion worldwide, and became the 5th highest grossing film of all time.

Transformers 4 will begin shooting next spring and will hit theaters June 27, 2014. While that’s still a long way away, you can catch the trailer for Wahlberg and Bay’s film Pain and Gain above, which is due in theaters April 26, 2013.