How Marketers Use Colors to Make You Buy Things

Ever wonder why it is that you often walk into a store to buy one thing and walk out with a few bags full of items?

If you’re anything like us, one of your frequently used excuses might be “It’s on clearance! How can I not buy it?”

Purple is used to soothe and calm. Anti-aging and beauty companies often use it in the packaging of their products.

Well it turns out, the low sale price isn’t the only thing driving you to make that purchase. Marketers use an unexpected and covert trick to lure you into stores, stay engaged on a shopping site, and guide you to make purchases. They use colors.

Orange is an aggressive color and is often used for call-to-action buttons (buy, subscribe, sell, etc.) on websites.

Yes, colors. Business Insider recently published an article on the how web designers can benefit by using certain colors to encourage user action on their sites, explaining how colors play on people emotions and affect their behavior.

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