How Marketers Use Colors to Make You Buy Things

Many banks and businesses employ the color blue in their branding to create the sensation of trust and security.

Similarly there’s a reason why financial institutions like Chase and Bank of America use blue in their logos: It encourages a feeling of trust. And what business can benefit more by having your trust than banks?

A powerful, sleek, and sexy color, black is used to market luxury products.

Black is often used to promote a sense of luxury, sexiness, and power.

Romantic and feminine, pink is used in products aimed at women and young girls.

Pink is often used to advertise to women and young girls. It is fun and feminine!

If you see tons of yellow while window shopping, there’s a reason for that. The hue is optimistic and youthful, and is often used to grab the attention of potential customers.

Yellow is one of the more attention-grabbing colors and is used to show a playful, youth-like tone in marketing.