Martha Stewart Feels Up Hugh Jackman and Other Funny Moments

Martha Stewart is one saucy lady — and no, we’re not making a pun off her cooking abilities. (Okay, we are. Whatever.)

The point is that we stumbled on this compilation video that features funny moments from the Martha Stewart talk show, and they’re all really entertaining. But what really stood out were the amount of times Martha either flirts with her male guests, serves up naughty innuendos, or makes Freudian slips like when she tells a guy to take his shirt off. Even guests like Fran Drescher get in on the sexy time talk, like how young Martha will date (and the answer will surprise you).

From giving a little love to Saturday Night Live‘s Seth Meyers, to flirting with Justin Long and feeling Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine biceps, there’s some good silly fun. Oh, and she “accidentally” reads Lindsay Lohan on her partying ways, which is pretty genius as well.

Check out the video clip above. It’s a great 2-minutes of your life.