Massively Obese Dachshund Drops Over 50 Lbs of Weight and Becomes a Pin-Up

Obie the 8-year-old Dachshund has undergone an incredible transformation over the last two years, after he tipped the scales at a whopping 77 pounds in August of 2012. He is now down to about 23 pounds, according to his Facebook page, and stars in his very own calendar.

According to The Mirror, Obie was previously owned by an elderly couple. Their love for the dog—rendering them unable to deny him many treats—and lack of mobility meant that Obie’s nutrition and exercise suffered. Obie had to wear a special harness to prevent injuries to his massive stomach.



After he was adopted by Nora Vanatta, a veterinary technician, Obie was placed on a strict routine of diet and exercise. It took months of dedication, not to mention surgery to remove excess skin, but it paid off for the previously pudgy dog. Obie’s weight is in a healthy place, and his blood-work and x-rays are finally in normal and healthy ranges.

Although he retains some fat pockets, and has to take medication for his enlarged gall bladder—a result from his previous obesity—it is an inspiring turn-around for this dog. Obie has gone from looking like a strange seal-like creature, to a normal dog again.

PAY-Obie-the-weight-loss-dog (1)

PAY-Obie-the-weight-loss-dog (2)

It is easy to forget that pets, just like people, need to maintain healthy nutritional practices and active lifestyles.

“It is so important to introduce pups and kids to a healthy lifestyle and food choices as early as possible,” said Vanatta, who hopes that Obie’s story can be an inspiration and help to other animals and their owners to get healthy.

You can order your own Obie calendar here, and follow his updates on Facebook.