Matchmaker Site PawsLikeMe Brings Adoptable Dogs and Owners Together

This new and free ‘dating website’ is changing the game when it comes to finding your perfect match. It matches pups with people! Yup. Their website is set up just like a dating site and it is the cutest thing we’ve ever seen.

PawsLikeMe offers adoptable dogs a second chance to find a loving home. They use a “proven algorithm, with a more than 90 percent accuracy rate in predicting people-to-pet compatibility.”

They hope to create a better and more sustaining way to match pets with loving owners so that they are adopted by the right family.

The co-founders of the company are a veterinary animal behaviorist and a psychology specialist. By combining their knowledge, they developed the personality assessment. The four traits they concentrate on are: energy, focus, confidence and independence.

While creating a score for the match, traits such as home environment, personality and lifestyle are measured as well.

Although the foremost match is based solely on how compatible the human and the dog are, adoptees can thereafter narrow their options down with personal preferences such as size, age and breed.


Not only are they doing the dogs a service through their match site, but they are also donating 50 percent of all adoption fees.

If you’re sick of trying to find the perfect soulmate through online dating sites, maybe you’ll have more luck with this one. Check out their website here.