Math Teacher Turns Underwear Model

Remember the super hot math teacher that had all his students swooning? Yup, we’re talking about Professor Pietro Boselli. He recently traded his math books for some underwear.


Professor Boselli is now the face of Charlie by Matthew Zink — so say goodbye to the real university professor and hello to Charlie headmaster. The model is seen above posing in nothing but glasses, underwear and socks.

Boselli is a professor at University College London (UCL), teaching math to undergraduates, but his side job just happens to be modeling. Once word made its way around the university, his class quickly started filling up, and his claim to fame came when his students took pictures during his lectures and posting them to social media.

“I thought they were coming to my lessons because they wanted to learn something,” he said in an interview with. “Then I saw people taking sneaky pictures of me and I’d be like, Why are you taking pictures? I’ve prepared this lesson for you and you don’t care?

Boselli,the professor with a PHD in engineering, started modeling at a young age after being discovered by Giorgio Armani. He is now signed with Models 1. Social media has not only been a platform for him to share his photos, but for his students and fans to share their love. After Boselli became a viral sensation his Instagram followers grew to half a million, and pictures now receive close to 90 thousand likes and 5 thousand comments.