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There Are 40 Ingredients in McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets – 30 Will Shock You

mcdonald's chicken nuggets ingredients
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When you think about the ingredients that go into making fried chicken, it seems pretty simple. All you would really need to make some tasty crunchy chicken is white boneless chicken meet, flour, and oil. Well, think again.

When it comes to making McDonald’s chicken nuggets there’s a whole lot more that goes into making the best-selling crispy finger food. For some of you this may make you never want to eat at the fast-food chain and for others well, you still just may not be able to resist. According to the Mirror, the list below are all the ingredients that go into making McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets.

  1. White boneless chicken
  2. Water
  3. Food starch-modified
  4. Salt


  1. Autolyzed yeast
  2. Salt
  3. Wheat starch
  4. Natural flavor (botanical source)
  5. Safflower oil
  6. Dextrose
  7. Citric acid
  8. Sodium phosphates
  9. Natural flavor (botanical source)

Battered and breaded with:

  1. Water

Enriched flour:

  1. Bleached wheat flour
  2. Niacin
  3. Reduced iron
  4. Thiamine mononitrate
  5. Riboflavin
  6. Folic acid
  7. Yellow corn flour
  8. Bleached wheat flour
  9. Food starch-modified
  10. Salt


  1. Baking soda
  2. Sodium acid pyrophosphate
  3. Sodium aluminum phosphate
  4. Monocalcium phosphate
  5. Calcium lactate
  6. Spices
  7. Wheat starch
  8. Dextrose
  9. Corn starch

Prepared in Vegetable Oil:

  1. Canola oil
  2. Corn oil
  3. Soybean oil
  4. Hydrogenated soybean oil
  5. TBHQ
  6. Citric Acid to preserve freshness of the oil
  7. Dimethylpolysiloxane to reduce oil splatter when cooking

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