WATCH: McDonald’s Employee Loses It, Completely Trashes Restaurant

WARNING: This video contains explicit language that may be offensive to some visitors.

A worker at a McDonald’s in St. Paul, Minnesota, was caught on camera during a meltdown of epic proportions. The video is over two minutes long, and shows how the McDonald’s employee loses it completely, trashing the restaurant like you’ve never seen before. He smashes equipment, breaks glass, and throws food, drinks, and whatever else is nearby to the ground, all the while cursing up a storm.

The tantrum apparently started as a dispute with his manager over a paycheck. The worker claims the restaurant owes him more money, and instead of having a meeting in the back office, he screams at the manger to make things right. As onlookers watch — and film — the spectacle, the manager begs someone to call 911. The employee was fired on the spot, and was escorted from the premises by another employee.

It is not yet known if he was arrested or if he will face charges for the destruction he caused.

The video of the incident has already accumulated over 70,000 views on YouTube.

Watch the whole incident in the video above.