The Shocking Things We Learned from the McDonalds’ Manager Reddit Thread

It was a thread posted to Reddit on July 17th titled “IamA McDonald’s manager AMA!”

With almost 5,000 comments, people did really ask him anything. The one thing that stuck out to most readers though was the Q&A responses about the fast food chain’s secret menu. Does it exist? This manager says yes.

So we decided to breakdown some of the most insane items on the McDonald’s secret menu:

The Monster Mac – Big Mac but with six extra beef patties.
monster mac










The Land, Sea and Air Burger – Two beef burgers, a Fillet-O-Fish and a McChicken.

land sea air











The Mc10:35 – Double cheeseburger with a susasge egg McMuffin and a bacon egg McMuffin.












Aside from the secret menu, we also learned that the salad dressing is “filled with rubbish,” the veggie patties are deep fried and the eggs are free range.