McDonald’s Secret Sauce Is Now Up for Sale, But You Won’t Believe How Much it Costs

McDonald’s has finally made bottles of its super secret special sauce available for purchase—but there is a pretty big catch. It’s only for sale in Australia, and there are only 200 bottles out on the market. According to the Metro, McDonald’s does have plans to release 600 smaller tubs in select locations around the country.

Before now the popular special sauce, that promises to make everything taste better, was only available by actually buying a Big Mac at a McDonald’s restaurant. Anyone who wants to enjoy the tangy sauce can also attempt a copy-cat recipe—of which there are a multitude available on the internet—but that doesn’t quite produce the same result.

The sauce is available through eBay auction, with proceeds going to benefit the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Australia. The auction has attracted some staggeringly high bids so far. The bidding on one 500ml bottle is up to about $18,000— at least delivery is free.

The auction page states:

“For too long Big Mac Special Sauce has been trapped in a beautiful, delicious burger—now we’ve set it free! This bottle is #1 of only 200 being produced worldwide, and they won’t be sold in restaurants.”

Sadly, international buyers are out of luck, because only pre-approved Australian buyers are allowed to place bids, per the item’s terms and conditions.