McDonald’s Sign Fails – Funny Signs You Won’t Believe Exist

What happens when you get disgruntled workers, pranksters, or illiterate employees crafting signs for McDonald’s? You get some funny moments caught on camera!

Tons of Pinterest boards and Tumblr posts, with names like “Funny Mcdonalds Signs” or “McDonald’s Sign Fails” or the ultimate “Epic McDonald’s Fails,” have sprung up across the web, making these photos an internet sensation. Some of them are clearly real, such as the hand-written signs that take you a second to figure out what the heck the person was actually intending to say. Others are accidents, where the person didn’t know how to spell and was allowed access to the restaurant’s main signage out front. (Big mistake, BTW.) Then there are some that are likely the work of Photoshop, where some creative soul has decided to craft a message about obesity or something equally poignant, and reformatted the sign in hopes of making it go viral on the internet.

There are also deliberate jokes crafted by people who have gone up to a McDonald’s marquee with the words “Angus Burger” written on it, removed the “G” and left you with an Anus Burger. This is, perhaps, the most popular of the bunch. So popular, in fact, that we had to edit them out. We’ll just give you a couple of Anus Burgers in the slide show above so you can get a taste for them.

And then there are signs that are real accidents — where the powers-that-be made the sign without a dirty thought in their heads when they crafted it. Those, we think, are the funniest of them all.

Check out the slide show above, and if you’ve seen some great ones yourself, post them on our Facebook page. We’d love to see them all!

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