McDonald’s Testing Chocolate-Covered French Fries

People love french fries. They love chocolate. So why not combine the two?

Enter McDonald’s new test offering, the McChoco Potato. Just like it sounds, you get an order of French fries served with white chocolate and cacao-flavored sauces. But don’t run out to your local Mickey D’s just yet: It’s only available at Japanese locations, which will start serving up the salty-sweet basket on January 26.


The reason for the test is pretty simple: McDonald’s Japanese market is hurting due to fewer visitors and weaker sales. According to CNN:

Sales in Asia have been down ever since McDonald’s was hit by a food-borne illness scandal in China in 2014.

The fast food chain may be known for Big Macs and chicken nuggets, but it’s no stranger to bizarre recipes.

It introduced the McLobster sandwich at its Canadian stores in 2015, and a Mexican McMuffin puts refried beans on breakfast bread.

There’s been mixed reaction in the United States to this new idea, but until it’s a success in Japan it’s not likely to make it to U.S. shores. You can see what some consumers in Chicago thought about the salty-sweet side dish when a local news station made a batch of their own (with help from a local confectioner).

It's an order of French fries served with white chocolate and cacao-flavored sauces — served only in Japan (for n… in First to Know's Hangs on LockerDome

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