McDonald’s Worker Offers Homeless Man Food Before Doing the Cruelest Thing Ever

At a McDonald’s restaurant in Detroit, Michigan, a worker was caught on video teasing a homeless man with a sandwich before throwing a cup of water in his face. The video was filmed by a customer waiting in the drive-through line.

At the beginning of the video, the worker uses a sandwich as bait to reel the homeless man into his vicinity. He calls out to him saying, “Hey Willy, come here, do you want a sandwich. Come on man, I’m going to give you a sandwich man, come on man.”

At this point, the homeless man appears in the video footage and as he reaches out for the sandwich, the staff member draws in his hand and immediately throws a cup of water at him. The homeless man’s facial expression is of complete shock and terror.

Since the video has started to go viral, people have been outraged. They have been demanding McDonald’s fire this cruel employee.

Twitter user Christopher Charlton wrote, “Hey @mcdonalds please find this employee and fire him Foul:McDoalds’s Worker Throws Drink in Homeless Man’s Face!” He also linked the video to his tweet.

McDonald’s has not yet commented on the incident.