Disgusting & Delicious Items on McDonalds World Menu

When you walk into a McDonald’s or pull up to the drive thru window, you usually know exactly what you are going to order. You already know the whole menu pretty much by heart, and if you decide to walk inside you can easily predict what images and ads you are likely to see. The same goes for the décor.

That’s great and comforting, but if you wanted to visit your favorite fast-food chain in another country, everything may not be as expected. Let’s start with the menu; forget about the Big Mac, because in Poland you can get a Cordon Blue Burger, in Japan you can order a Bacon and Potato Pie, and in China you can get a Rice McWrap. Some things look tasty, others interesting, and lots of them are downright crazy — so we collected a bunch of them in the slide show above.

Now when it comes to how a McDonald’s restaurant looks in other countries, well you can also expect a big change. Rumor has it that the décor is a whole lot fancier — at last in some cases! From chandeliers to more contemporary designs, the chain is clearly very different all around the world. If you’re curious, click here.

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