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This At-Home Microdermabrasion Kit Will Make You Fall In Love with Your Skin Again

When it comes to beauty and skincare treatments, I’m open to trying new things but convenience is one of the most important factors for me.
Even if a product promises great results, if it’s too much work or takes too much time, I’ll probably turn it down. Call it being lazy, call it what you may, but I prefer a ‘no-fuss’ approach.
This may be the very reason I’ve never received a professional exfoliation treatment. Setting up an appointment, going to the dermatologist’s office or spa, and then having to worry about follow-ups all sound like such a hassle that I’ve passed up on some potentially great treatments. I’m much more likely to opt for products I can use at home, on my own time.
And that is exactly why I was so excited to receive the Measurable DifferenceR Diamonderm Home Microdermabrasion Kit for a review. This professional-level treatment has all the benefits you can ask for in a skin-smoothing product, while literally putting the whole process in your hands and cutting out all the hassle.
When you use it, where you use it, even how you use it is all up to you. The makers of this brand really understood the concept of streamlining the process for their users and giving them full control.
“The benefits of our Measurable DifferenceR Diamonderm system are more than skin-deep,” said Helga Arminak, founder and owner of Chrislie Formulations, the parent company for Measurable DifferenceR.
“Women today are concerned with taking care of their skin and preventing the visible signs of aging. But after researching and studying our marketplace, we also designed our microdermabrasion system with two other key concerns in mind as well: convenience, or time-effectiveness, and the desire for customization and personalization.”
And they totally nailed it.
But aside from being a great time-saving, no-hassle beauty device, what exactly is the Measurable DifferenceR Diamonderm system and how does it work?
It’s the ultimate weapon against dull, lackluster skin. As the name suggests, the power of this product is in the diamond tips. Along with suction cups, the system’s inlaid diamond particles do some serious work at sloughing away dead skin cells to reveal brighter, fresher skin that’s infinitely smoother than when you start.
The diamond heads break up and loosen the hardened keratin protein on the skin’s surface, while the suction cups vacuum away the residue into a disposable waste filter.
The product also claims to improve the performance of other skin care products such as serums and lotions, by allowing the active ingredients to penetrate deeper once the protein layer, which acts as a barrier, is removed.
After the first few trials to get used to the process, I started following each treatment with a serum application before bed. This did in fact result in smoother, softer skin than when I use the serum by itself.
The customization part comes in the form of three different diamond tip sizes and the amount of time you spend on any given area, as well as the intensity level you use on the machine. It’s all up to you based on what type of results you want and how your skin reacts to the product.
With three different intensity levels, and up to 20 minutes running time, the device can be adjusted to your perfect setting.
I’ve only used the Measurable DifferenceR Diamonderm a handful of times and I can already see a difference in the texture and look of my skin. It feels smoother, my pores look smaller and my overall complexion is brighter.
The best part: Because this device is so convenient and easy to use, I can foresee myself sticking to a weekly routine for continued benefits.
To learn more about the Measurable DifferenceR Diamonderm, check out the product website here.

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