Meat Popsicle ‘Treats’ That Promise Younger Skin Are Now a Thing

The quest for younger skin just got a little less, um, appetizing.

Japan, which already has a reputation for coming up with the some of the wackiest ‘fountain of youth’ inventions, is now home to a new treatment that you ingest in order to get smoother, younger, firmer skin.

While many anti-aging products are applied topically, a new ‘treat’ made up of grilled skewers of BBQ flavored chicken that are frozen in blocks of collagen gelatin, are consumed by either licking or crunching like a frozen lollipop.

The dish is served to restaurant-goers in Tokyo, where it is believed the collagen content can help to plump up tired, saggy skin.

Okay so maybe we could get on board with the collagen connection, but why not use a more traditional ice pop flavor like cherry or orange-cream? Whatever the reasoning behind using chicken as an ingredient is, it seems to be working as diners are reportedly praising the popsicles for keeping them cool in the hot summer season.