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Meat-Scented Burger King Perfume for Sale

The way to a woman’s heart? Smelling like a flame-broiled patty!
That’s the thought behind the new Burger King perfume that was released in Japan on April 1st.
The company announced it would be selling a Whopper-scented fragrance in March, and while many wondered if this was legit or a publicity-fueled April’s Fool’s joke, it turned out to be the real deal. Only 1,000 bottles of the limited release “flame-grilled” fragrance were made available, and they sold for approximately $42 per bottle; each purchase came with a free Whopper.
As you’ll see in the video from Reuters, reps from Burger King Japan claim that the fragrance is for women “who like meat” and for men who want to “smell sexy and wild.”
While the scent won’t be sold in U.S. stores (at least for now), if you’re interested in finding Burger King Perfume for sale it’s going for a little more than $100 plus shipping on eBay; you can get a bottle instantly with their “Buy It Now” feature for $500. If you’re really looking to score a bargain, you can find the Burger King men’s cologne called “Flame,” which was sold back in 2008, and is currently on eBay for under $10.
And, if you’re curious, CNN released a list of some other quirky scents that have been produced over the years. Our favorites? Eau De Pizza Hut from Pizza Hut Canada, bacōn by fargginay so you can smell like your favorite breakfast meat, and Lobster by the Demeter Fragrance Library; we’re told it’s luscious with butter.

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